John's own home page

Hi everybody. This is my home page. I am currently building a house with my partner Liz (see the farm).

I used to work for GrangeNet (GRid and Next GEneration NETwork), and prior to that AARNet (the Australian Academic and Research Network) doing networky stuff (IPv4, IPv6, routing, LANs, WANs, fibre, microwave, access lists, security, host administration, Voice over IP, Video over IP, multicast, anycast).

Prior to AARNet I spent some time as a contractor, selling my talents in UNIX, networking, the Internet, system integration, open systems and eating chocolate cake. I have worked at quite a number of Canberra sites (notably Government departments, because we have a lot of them in Canberra) and at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).

Before that I worked at the Australian National University for some 8 and a half years (plus the time I spent there as a student). Most of this time was spent working in the Automated Reasoning Project, followed by the Parallel Computing Research Facility, and the ANU Supercomputing Facility.

My work at the ANU covered many parts of UNIX computing. Mostly system administration of a Connection Machine CM5 (parallel supercomputer), a StorageTek tape robot (automated mag tape silo with 2 Tbytes capacity), A Fujitsu VP2200 (vector processor supercomputer), and a collection of Suns, SGI, DEC, HP (I used to look after the Connection Machine 2, when we had one). I provided user support to some of these machines, as well as supporting the office staff.
Phone + 61 413 880 207