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Lots of options here, do take time to check them all out. Speak with your local council (including your inspector), they will indicate requirements, preferences, and suggestions. Your options depend upon the zoning of your block, we are zoned rural so we have more freedom than a smaller block.

There is a reed-bed option than can be quite cheap and effective, using a standard septic tank for the black water and a reed bed for the grey water.

We chose to use a wet composting system from Aqua Clarus system called the Simply Natural. This system uses all standard plumbing bits (flushing toilet, shower, etc.), and puts all the grey and black water into a septic tank, but the septic tank has modifications. It includes compost worms and three pumps. One pump circulates the water in the tank through shredded old foam (large surface area for microbial breakdown), one pumps excess liquid out to a standard absorption trench, and the last pump moves the worm castings (all that is left of the waste solids) into another absorption trench, which has some moisture loving heavy feeding plants above it.