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This site has several purposes:

  • To keep our friends and family, who are somewhat remote from us, up to date with what we are doing;

  • A record for ourselves of our progress on our project;

  • To share our experience of owner building a strawbale house.

Farm Description

The property is 20 hectares (50 acres) in the Bega Valley Shire. We are about 15 minutes drive from the town of Bega and about 2.5 hours drive from Canberra. It is about 30 minutes to the nearest beach.

The vegetation is mainly pasture with some remanent trees (large gums) and scrub along the creek and gully lines.

The highest point, the gate to the council access road, is about 200 metres above sea level and the lowest point, the creek on the north boundary, is about 100 metres above sea level. The longest boundary, from the road to the creek, is almost a kilometre long. The slope means we have pretty views out to adjoining properties and the National Park.


We will attempt to add entries into our journal when we do more building work. So far it covers the first couple of years of our journey. Now that we've moved in we aren't being so diligent about adding monthly entries to the journal.

Owner Building

The whole process of building a house has been a learning process for us. From what the local Council expects of us, to what the options are for how the actual building is constructed. In this building section we are going to try and keep a record of the options and decisions we made along the way.

Farm Pictures

A list of photos of our farm.


A list of tools we use in house construction and farming.

Building Performance Statistics

We have started to collect a number of different statistics about the performance of our strawbale home. We'll add them to the statistics section of the website.

Mailing List

You can subscribe to our mailing list, to get a monthly update of what we have done, and occasionally a call for help (bale wall raising, etc.).

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